Cables, Cardigans and Knits Oh my!

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Year after year trends come and go.  But one thing will stand the test of time… cable knit sweaters. Cable knit sweaters, also known as Aran sweaters, originated in the Aran islands off the west coast of Ireland. Back in the day the different patterns were actually clan specific and the patterns were heavily guarded like your Grandmothers’ secret recipes.

These sweaters weren’t just casually cute, an original Aran sweater could absorb up to 30% its weight before feeling wet. Which was why it was ideal for farmers and especially fisherman. A little morbid fact.. The heavily guarded original patterns were also used to identify washed up fisherman on the coast after an unfortunate fishing accident…

Fashion wise – in the mid 20th century the cable knit sweater was no longer considered a workplace essential. Instead it became mainstream for the golfer or cricket player. Then from there came to be commonly associated with that whole preppy collegiate look. When Ralph Lauren got ahold of it?? Forget about it! Now we shop every winter for the right color, pattern, or neckline… whatever our poison there is a cable knit with your name on it. Shop these styles and more at Yourstyle, Inspired.


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