Chokers: A timeless piece throughout the ages.

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The choker is a recurring trend for sure. The main consensus is that the choker was a “Nineties” trend but the truth is it has been around for thousands of years. Dating back to ancient Egypt women used to wear jewelry on parts of their body that they felt needed protection. The neck used to be adorned with gold because they felt that it gave them special powers from the sun.

During the French Revolution women took to wearing red ribbon around their neck to pay homage to those who lost their life from the Gatien.
In the 1860s if you found a woman wearing a black ribbon around her neck it would be safe to assume that she was a prostitute…. But by the late 1800s it was a royal trend….take from that what you will….

Women in Germany and Austria even wore chokers to hide lumps on their throat caused by a disease that was common in the Alps at the time called goiter.

In the 1920s Chokers made another comeback. Thick wide velvet ribbon or flashy wrapped pearls, people renamed them dog collers during this time.

We all remember the big boom of chokers in the nineties. Although preceding eras they were more on the fancy flashy side, in the nineties it was plastic tattoo necklaces, or simple black ribbons.Worn by celebs across the world from Drew Barrymore to Alicia Silverstone, even Jared Leto sported a choker in My So Called Life. Melissa Joan hart rocked the tattoo choker along side with other stars from shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( don’t act like you haven’t seen every episode…) and the ever so popular movies She’s all That and Clueless.
Whether it is to accentuate your neck or hide that nasty lump chokers used to be a symbol for grace and the elite. In today’s trend they are for both casual and formal settings. You can find a choker for every occasion and in any price range.


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