Layering: A winter wardrobe essential!

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It’s that time of year again. Holiday get togethers, office parties, etc… This year on top of your infamous 7 layer taco dip, let’s try layering your winter wardrobe as well.
Take what you have been told about layering and color schemes, now do the complete opposite. The old rules to layering no longer apply. We were always told to layer a crew neck over a button down. Or a cardigan with a solid blouse. Throw everything you think you know about layering out the chilly window and ill help you get warm real quick… and on trend.

We often think of layering meaning nothing but tops. But we have seen on the runway a new option. Who said you can’t wear a dress without cropped pants and tall boots? Whoever they are unfriend them and move on.
Also we have seen an unusual new way to wear sweaters. I think of my waist wrap cardigan and I naturally think wear it well and tie it tight. Here is something wacky, wear it backwards. It totally changes the look and really stands out.

Also when thinking of layering we assume to match or use items within the same color scheme. But this year we are seeing an increase in the “looks like I got dressed in the dark” routine. Surprisingly it works.
So this year when getting dressed and you can’t make a decision on which of your favorite 3 winter pieces to put on… when all else fails- wear them all. On one side you will beat the winter chill and on
the other you will be on trend with this year’s hottest new look.


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