Love The Skin You’re In

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This morning Sean and I both had a day off together! FYI this never happens…never. So we thought we would take advantage of the time to get some fresh digs for me and my new blogging adventure. It is time for me to face the world. We left the house today with the plan of going out perusing the clearance racks and coming up with some great finds before winter is over.
I am one of those women who HATE going shopping. Frankly the process ends up making me feel depressed and overwhelmed. My husband Sean reassured me that we were on a mission and we were going to make great things happen today. (I love him)
Now in this day and age I’m aware that there are many more options for us curvaceous cuties than there were in years past, but shopping still gives me anxiety.
We went to a store or two (side note everyone is having AMAZING sales right now.. get out there and get some) I found some great accessories and great deals on shoes… but I needed some actual threads. So we started looking through sales racks… then i just looked on the regular racks what did I learn? I still had about 3 emotional breakdowns- the inability to fit or find anything filling me with so much self doubt that I almost talked myself out of doing this at all. I kept feeling like I was way out of my league and kidding myself that anyone would want to see me in the same jeans I’ve had for 3 years. Why couldn’t I find anything? I was frustrated.
It wasn’t until I stopped looking in stores that might have plus sizes and walked into Torrid that my own body shamming ceased. Walking into Torrid for the first time was a relaxing and refreshing experience. Being able to let go of the anxiety of possibly finding something for me and standing in a store MADE for me.

Brittany, the associate working was a Godsend! So friendly and helpful! She looked for every shoe we asked for and even brought out more suggestions based on what I picked. When it came time to try on dresses she was there with insight to my size. She actually told me I might need a smaller size! When was the last time anyone told me that?!?! She was right! I think all too often we see ourselves as so much bigger than we really are. It isn’t until we see ourselves in clothes that make us feel beautiful that we appreciate the God given body that we have. Brittany and Torrid did that for me. I left the store feeling confident and beautiful once again…(with plenty of shopping bags)
Shopping for women is supposed to be therapeutic not traumatic. I get that stores are trying to open up their arms to curvy women, but lets face it they have to open them up a little more…. we are bigger than their size 2.
I finished the day thankful for stores like Torrid that celebrate the full-figured form and my loving husband, he bought me 4 pairs of shoes ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had an experience like this. Feel free to comment below and share any of your shopping victories or tribulations.
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  • Jen


    โค๏ธ You …. and those boots!!!

  • Yasmen


    Chirssy, I adore Torrid,too! They are the only store that has skinny jeans that actually fit me well. Although I can never seem to catch a sale when I’m there. I appreciate your openness and your style. I’ll be back!

  • Michlene Bellamy


    I love shopping!!! I’m all about loving your curves and wearing the right clothes to accentuate them. Matter of fact I’m do for a little retail therapy.

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