Maximize on the Minimalized Pt. 2!

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Small spaces. We all have them, but how many of us know how to furnish them. In my last Blog we went through some simple tips on how to enlarge spaces. This time I’m going to give you some gems on how to maximize on storage.

Anyone who has lived in a small apartment knows the storage struggle. There are ways around this. Installing floating shelves for instance. This way you don’t take up space with an actual bookcase or table. Putting shelving on your walls can be used in many different ways. In a kitchen – storage for dishes or appliances. In your bedroom – accessories purses etc. In the living room – books, magazines, even some decorative things like flowers, pictures, etc.

It can take just a matter of moments to take a clean space and clutter it up with too many boxes or stacks, especially in your bedroom. Your bedroom needs to be your sanctuary. Taking some of the tips from the previous blogs and choosing smaller scaled furniture or maybe the clear acrylic piece for a nightstand can help to brighten up the space.  Lets also explore the possibility of changing the way we think about storing our personal things. Try hanging up your jewelry on pretty trivets or maybe a stylish corkboard instead of using valuable drawer space. Using what we would think of as picture frames and turning them into magnetic storage is a great way to showcase your ingenuity.

Another way to be clever with your space is to mobilize your furniture. Not only does it make it easier for cleaning alone, but also for things like having company. When you have a get together sometimes your “living” floor plan isn’t entertaining friendly. Buying furniture with wheels or installing castors yourself can make it easier to quickly accommodate your guests for that impromptu soiree or overnight stay.



Finding furniture that doubles as storage is ideal for small spaces. An ottoman that stores blankets and books. A table with multiple nooks and shelves can help store things in a small space without making it look cluttered.



Lastly I love utilizing all of your space. Don’t just think of a corner as that… a corner. Turn it into a cute nook for reading or quaint seating area for guests. When you utilize all of your space you open up your apartment or home to more livable space. Bean bag chairs are making a huge comeback, and they aren’t just used for kids rooms anymore. They are a modern yet retro way to liven up your living room.



The most important thing to remember when living within small quarters is that you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you have limited space. By utilizing the tips I have shared with you in these past few blogs you can turn your square foot challenged apartment into a well scaled, cleaver, trendy home.


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