Maximize on the Minimalized!

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We all know the struggle of living with limited square footage. Be it that charming brick studio you just HAD to have, you know the one, all that natural light and vintage charm. Or the railroad style apartment in the city converted into a very cramped three bedroom. Either way you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you have a pint-sized living space.

I have some tricks and tips to help even the smallest homes seem airy and spacious.

The most important tip is simple: It’s all about scale. Just because you’ve had the same sectional couch for years doesn’t mean you need to keep it. Using moderately sized couches and other small furnishings like petite tables with chairs can actually make your home seem larger.

Also when choosing furniture think curvy. We traditionally pick things like a rectangular couch. Boxy coffee tables and end tables. Thinking a little outside that traditional safe box can really open up your space. Even rugs! We are so used to what we see on a regular basis but think about choosing a light colored (light colors make spaces seem larger) asymmetrical curvy rug. When picking the right furniture for any room also think clear. Choosing a see through acrylic table will keep your space open and won’t weigh it down the way a typical wooden coffee table might.

A really great way to take a small space and enlarge it is to hang curtains. Try not just hanging them in the traditional way, but hanging the rod just a little bit below the ceiling and using long full length curtains. Also try using a longer rod that goes past where the actual window ends. This way when the curtains are open the windows themselves appear larger. When choosing your curtains try using light colors. It opens up your space and also can be an extension of the room by choosing a color that matches the wall coloring.

Lets talk accent pieces! Did you know that by choosing a couple of silvery metallic decor items can also help brighten up your space? I love the use of mirrors for brightening up small spaces, but even a silver bowl or a mirrored mosaic vase can also reflect light throughout your room.

These are just a few of the many ideas and tricks for opening up small spaces. I could go on for days with all the tricks of the trade. Maybe I will….. check back in for part two.


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