Reflections of the Heart.

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Mirrors in your home can be used for more than just checking your makeup and fixing that stray strand of hair. They can transform small spaces into large. Dark into light. It can give the illusion of depth to a flat wall or even make the wall seem to disappear. Mirrors can even take a mundane boring room and transform it into a sparkling work of art.

I am going to share with you some simple rules on how to properly place mirrors throughout your home.

Placing mirrors in a small narrow hallway can bring depth and enlarge the space. If you have a small room try using a long wide mirror and it will make the room seem to double in size.

Hang a mirror across from a window. Not only will it seem to duplicate the window it will reflect light and brighten up the room without the use of artificial light.You can hang mirrors opposite many things actually. Hang a mirror across from a window with a view of a garden. It will make it seem like the garden is inside. Hang a mirror on the opposite wall of a piece of art. It duplicates the artwork and makes it more visible no matter where you look up in the room.

Mirrors themselves can be used as art. Sometime people go crazy trying to find that focal point of the room using a piece of art. Mirrors can reflect light and be a beautiful abstract art piece.

In a more public room of your home a mirror is about definition and decoration not necessarily for checking ones reflection. Placing an ornate mirror in an entryway can be a strong statement piece and can be a window into what kind of homeowner you are.




Mirrored furniture is an easy and modern way to reflect light in small spaces. Using mirrored tables in a room with soft coloring can make your bedroom seem to be glittery, airy oasis.

Mirrored backsplashes can turn a kitchen into a sleek bright and inspiring workspace.

Whether you use mirrors for function or for art remember that mirrors can double as both. They can be a reflection into you as a homeowner and emulate light into the spaces of your home and heart.


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