Today’s Modern Pink Lady

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Bomber jackets have made a huge come back. You can find them everywhere and in many styles. I personally picked up a shinny little number from Charlotte Russe but they are literally everywhere these days. The Bomber jacket has been a staple in the fashion world for decades. Not only did they have their own functionality history in the military they have their own history as a statement peice in different cultures and social groups since the 1960’s.

The first of bomber jackets in the 1940’s were leather. called the A-2, they were lined with fur to keep pilots warm. As time went on they switched out the fur for fleece and the leather for nylon. It was more practical for the conditions. When up high the jackets would tend to freeze and become heavy and uncomfortable as leather jackets. When the more known model the MA-1 came on the scene the fleece inside still kept them warm but the nylon allowed them to be resistant to the conditions and much more comfortable.

As a fashion piece the bomber has gone through decades as a different statement pieces. In the late sixties the bomber became somewhat of a uniform for the punk skinhead. Along with cuffed jeans, doc martins and white t-shirts.

Ironically the gay community adapted the punk uniform. They tend to take on the form of those who oppress them and make it their won. So when bomber jackets and doc martins became a sort of LBGTQ uniform it made perfect sense.

In the 80’s we saw the bomber jacket in Hollywood. Although it was the A-2 we all can remember the patched bomber that Tom Cruise sported in Top Gun. Also the traditional green nylon bomber was sported by Steve McQueen in the film The Hunter.

Whether it is inspired by history or past trends the bomber is back with a vengeance! When I got home with my pink bomber I automatically thought of the pink ladies and channeled my inner Rizzo for my photos. Taking an iconic look and bringing it into the now.



  • Cathy Lawdanski


    Chrissy, I love this jacket on you so much! I’d like to feature your picture in a post on my blog, My Side of 50. It’s a lifestyle blog for midlife women. I know you are WAY YOUNGER than my audience, but I just know that they would love this look. Several times a year a do a fashion post featuring some of my favorite fashion bloggers. This one will be about pastels.

  • Cathy Lawdanski


    I would introduce you, your blog and link back to your original post. Here’s an example of a similar one I have done. Here’s a similar one I did with stripes. If you’d be open to this, will you please contact me. Sorry to be reaching out via your comments. I tried via your contact form and didn’t hear back. I know from my experience, messages don’t always get through that way. Thanks so much.

    • admin

      Cathy Thank you so much for your interest in my blog! I would be honored if you would share!

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