You light up my life!

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Everybody loves to express themselves with their decor. Every blanket and throw pillow is a statement to who you are as a person. Lighting is no different. Not only does it serve a function to our everyday lives but it can also be a great illuminator to your personality.

Picking the perfect lighting fixture is an inexpensive way to take an ordinary room and transform it into a brighter and more valuable living space.

From modern to classic you can find a unique lighting fixture that fits your style motif.

Even down to the smallest detail as to which light bulb you choose can be important. When choosing the bulb you have to know what is out there. The three most popular are Halogen, LED, and Vintage.

Halogen lights are the typical light bulb found everywhere. They are widely available and range from soft to bright.

LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient and they tend to last longer than halogen lights. They are known for their extreme brightness but recently they have begun to produce LED lights for the home that give of a much softer almost halogen feel to them.

Lastly there are Vintage light bulbs, my personal favorite. There is something so industrialist and modern about them. They look great in just about any light fixture.

It is important that no matter what you choose it speaks to you and your individuality. I’m sure with all that is out there you will be able to find something to brighten up your day.


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